Tinus Smits

Dr. Tinus Smits

Dr. Tinus Smits, has studied homeopathy for 30 years, first practicing as a lay homeopath, then as a homeopathic doctor after doing medical school.
This site contains some of his major work … read more

Post Vaccination Syndrom

Vaccination in children and adults can result in a variety of chronic health problems. Successful treatment of this syndrome consists of the homeopathic remedy made of the vaccine. … read more

CEASE Autism

Dr. Tinus Smits presents a very effective treatment for autism. The CEASE therapy which stands for Complete Elimination of the Autistic Spectrum Expression … read more

Inspiring Homeopathy

Treatment with classical homeopathy usually starts well, but often stalls after one year or more. This brought me to the discovery of universal layers that can be treated with specific remedies. … read more


What is homeopathy

What is homeopathy?

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