About Dr. Smits

book Inspiring Homeopathy

Inspiring Homeopathy

Inspiring Homeopathy is the final legacy of a brilliant homeopath. In it, Dr. Tinus Smits shares his vision that homeopathy can address the universal human experiences of coming into incarnation from the world of spirit. order at Emryss.com


Autism, beyond despair

Dr. Tinus Smits presents a very effective treatment for autism. CEASE therapy stands for Complete Elimination of the Autistic Spectrum Expression. order at Emryss.com


Homeopathie, de kracht van subtiele geneeskunst

This book about homeopathy in general is only available in Dutch currently ...order at bol.com


Practical Materia Medica

This book is a handy Materia Medica based on the good old Materia Medica of Clarke, Kent and Boericke enriched with additions from reliable and brilliant homeopaths of our time. Sold out


Vaccination Damage, cured

The first part of this documentary about Dr. Smits talks about vaccination damage. order at ppdocu.com

Freedom of Choice in Medicine

The second part of this documentary talks about free choice and why Dr. Smits is not allowed anymore to say homeopathy can cure Pertussis. order at ppdocu.com