Inspiring Homeopathy


AG = Alphons Geukens, Belgium; DF = D.M. Foubister, England; DC = Dorothy Cooper, England; HH = Hui Bon Hoa, France; PL = Pladijs, Belgium; PO = Proceso Sanchez Ortega, Mexico; TS = Tinus Smits, Holland; WT = Templeton, England

    rudeness (PO,TS), sensitive to rudeness (3); domination for a long time (?,TS); excessive parental control (DF), harsh upbringing (TS); absence of the father (TS); too much responsibility too early (DF,TS); a too great effort to please his parents, especially the father; lack of approbation or constant disapproval (TS), undermining of self-confidence (TS), too high expectations from the parents (TS); lack of opportunities to realize his abilities, to make a career; being obliged to do things against his will; long lasting grief (TS), prolonged fear (DF,TS), long lasting unhappiness (DF,TS); mental, emotional and physical suppression (TS); anticipation (DF,TS); vaccination (PO,TS)
  2. ASPECT: blue sclera (DF,TS); frequent blinking of eye lids (WT,TS); numerous moles, especially on the back (DF,TS); cafe-au-lait spots (DF,TS); warts on soles (AG,TS) or on palms (TS); patient whose life has been a long hard struggle (DF,TS)
  3. FAMILY HISTORY of cancer (DF)
  4. WEAK DEFENSE MECHANISMS on the mental, emotional and physical plane (TS)
  5. LACK OF REACTIVITY; no fever for a very long time (DC,TS)
  6. The usual childhood illnesses appear later in life and are often very severe; common childhood illnesses often absent or occur more than once (DF); tendency to have an inflammatory illness very early in life (whooping cough or pneumonia) (DF); from repeated suppressions of inflammatory diseases in childhood (?,TS)
  7. LACK OF CONFIDENCE (?,TS); fear of failure (TS); anxiety about making mistakes (TS); sensitivity to reprimand (DF) TIMIDITY (WT)
  8. EASILY OFFENDED, takes everything in bad part (4)
  9. FASTIDIOUS (3) in his work (TS); UNTIDY except for what he is working on (TS); desire to ARRIVE ON TIME for an appointment (TS); fears to make mistakes (TS); tendency to adapt overly to the requirements of other people to deserve their approval, fears to be criticized (TS)
  10. Excessive sense of DUTY (WT,TS), feeling responsible for everything (TS)
  11. WORKAHOLIC; feeling of guilt when taking rest without having finished all the work; even when sitting he has the feeling that he must do something: reading, knitting, crocheting, etc. (TS)
  12. INABILITY TO REFUSE ANYTHING; WANTS ALWAYS TO PLEASE EVERYBODY; feeling of guilt when refusing anything; occupied with the needs of others, but completely unaware of his owns; permits others to overstep his own boundaries (TS)
  13. ANTICIPATION, anxiety anticipating an engagement (WT,TS); anxiety when people are late (DF); anxiety about others (1)
  14. SYMPATHETIC (2); anxiety about others (1)
  15. FEAR of CANCER (?,TS); in a crowd (HH,TS); in narrow places (PL,TS); in high places (?,TS); spiders (TS), mice (TS), snakes (TS); failure in examinations (1,TS); failure (TS); thunderstorms (?,TS)
  16. HORRIBLE THINGS affect him profoundly (HH,TS); cannot watch murder, suffering, cruelties, surgery, etc. on TV (TS)
  17. Sensitive to MUSIC (DF,TS); weeps from music (DF,TS)
  18. Loves DANCING (3); marked sense of rhythm (DF,TS)
  19. Desire to READ (PL,TS) or DYSLEXIA (AG,TS) or impossibility to read because of a difficult concentration (TS) or mental exhaustion; difficult concentration during conversation (TS)
  20. Desire to TRAVEL (2); NAUSEA RIDING in an automobile (1,TS)
  22. SLEEPLESS (2); difficult to fall asleep, overactive ideas (DF,TS), needs several hours to fall asleep (TS); wakens at 4 a.m. (DF,TS); short sleep amel.; sleepless during a large part of the night (WT,TS); unrefreshing sleep (WT,TS); waking at 4 a.m. (DF,TS); sleepless after 4 a.m. (DF,TS)
  23. EXHAUSTION (DC,TS), when overtaxed and overworked, too much pressure
  24. DULLNESS (1); confusion of mind (1); difficult concentration while studying, reading, etc. (TS); weakness of memory (1)
  25. Obstinate (DF,TS)
  26. Bites nails (DF,TS)
  27. MAIN PHYSICAL COMPLAINTS: hayfever (?,TS); chronic, long continued coryza; chronic tonsillitis and sinusitis (DF,TS); infectious MONONUCLEOSIS (DF); acne (1,TS); fibromas (1,TS), ovarian cysts (TS); sterility (TS); warts on soles and palms of hands (AG,TS); acne, pustules on the back (TS); severe acne (TS); molluscum contagiosum (TS)
  28. AGG.: BEFORE MENSES: aggressiveness, sadness, irritability, industrious, swelling of mammae, painful mammae (TS)
  29. AMEL.: short sleep (1,TS); occupation (TS)
  30. DESIRES: chocolate (2)



  2. Aspect: tics, grimaces (1,TS); frequent blinking of eyelids (WT,TS); biting nails (DF,TS); timidity (WT)
  3. CAUSATIONS: vaccination (PO,TS), too much responsibility (DF,TS), harsh upbringing (TS), excessive parental control (DF)
  4. LACK OF REACTIVITY (DC); no fever (TS); the usual childhood illnesses appear later in life, often very severe; common childhood illnesses often absent or suppressed (DF,TS)
  5. Tendency to severe INFLAMMATORY illness, usually whooping cough or pneumonia in early life (DF,TS)
  6. Tendency to be a model child, adapting overly to the requirements of the parents to deserve their approval and love (TS)
  7. PRECOCITY from too much responsibility (DF,TS)
  8. SCAPEGOAT (?,TS); he is teased a lot by other children because they feel his weak defense (TS)
  9. Sensitive to REPRIMAND (DF,TS)
  10. Desire to read (PL,TS)
  11. Loves ANIMALS (DF,TS); loves nature (?,TS)
  12. OBSTINATE (DF), disobedient children (WT), resisting the parental control (WT); intolerant of CONTRADICTION (?,TS)
  13. SLEEPLESS children (DF)
  14. Fear of spiders (TS), thunderstorms (DF)
  15. ANGER with tendency to DESTROY things (?,TS)
  16. Frequent coryza (WT)
  17. Infectious MONONUCLEOSIS (DF)
  18. Bites nails (DF,TS)