Inspiring Homeopathy

Anacardium orientale

good or bad / guilt

Product: Dr. K.N. Mathur, Systematic Materia Medica: Source: the crushed seed of the marking nut.
Dr. M.L. Tyler; Homeopathic Drug Pictures: The dark juice from which it derives its name is not in the nut but in the husk. Whereas ignorant persons put tinctures on the market made from the nut itself. Useless for medical purposes.
The product I always use (Dolisos) is made with the nut and the husk.
Anacardium is a remedy that is still partially understood, as so many remedies in our materia medica. I started to understand this remedy to a greater extend and in a deeper way when I started to use it as a special layer remedy in the conception of Inspiring Homeopathy. Gradually it became the precious remedy for duality problems, when there are contradictory energies in a person. Not only when the patient has that strong impression as we all know: of being double, of having two personalities, struggling between good and bad, but also when there is a great contradiction between two different states in the same person, e.g. when a patient is in a state of great joy alternated with deep sadness. In such cases a patient uses easily the expression that he feels so different that it is as if he is two persons at the same time. This remedy can heal two opposite parts in one person. Also when a person is in a situation that he can not live according to his own will, that his own will is supplanted in some way by the will of someone else, Anacardium can be the remedy. This can happen when parents are very severe; a situation that we know can lead to a Carcinosinum state, but also in a marriage or at work. In such situations the outer will of the other person is like internalized and becomes like a second will that is also active when the other person is absent or even dead. This can be very subtle and is known in our materia medica as symptoms like: as if being possessed, as if having two wills or as if a devil is sitting in his neck.
Example 1: I once prescribed it successfully to a young lady that suffered so much from swinging moods that she said it is as if I become a different person with another character when my mood changes. She can feel very energetic and creative and then suddenly depressive, weepy and tired, wanting to be consoled. If she is depressed she can be very malicious and when she is out of that situation again she is apologizing for what she said. She is always busy in her head, as if she is talking to herself, as if she is quarreling with herself. Here we see the ‘doubleness’ in her personality again. At age 18 she had meningitis and she takes the contraceptive pill since her 12 year. When she was two years old she had already fits of anger and had to be hold, but out of that her life seems to be without major problems. She has a strong desire to have children; she is 20 years old now. Anacardium orientale 200K every two weeks resolved her problems completely. It made her mind quiet and the battle in her head disappeared. She felt very quiet and the mood swings disappeared completely.
Example 2: This 44 year old lady, mother of two children, nine and seven years old and working in the jewelry of her husband is sent to me by a psychotherapist with whom I am working together regularly. She suffers from a deep tension, aggravated by yelling in the street or noises from her neighbors. People around her make her tense also. Her father was an alcoholic and maltreated severely her mother. Both her parents had extra conjugal relationships openly. There was a continuous threat of divorce and she knew hardly who her father was. She was obliged by her mother to sleep in her bed otherwise her mother couldn’t sleep. Her father looked when she was undressing herself and made remarks about her body. She felt very insecure in his presence. Nowadays she can become very angry when somebody irritates her and she is afraid of the violent anger she feels. For that reason she started psychotherapy. She likes kinky sex and enjoys sex more when she is angry. I start her treatment with Rhus tox. LM6, every day. Five weeks later she feels better, she takes one granule every two days. Her energy is better, her sleep is better, but she wakes with tension in her arms. She is able to weep more easily and can keep more distance from the misery of others. She feels more protected and knows better her limits. She feels less suspicious, more comfortable in company. She is more aware of her feet, feels more grounded, better in her skin. Rhus tox LM6 is continued. Ten weeks later she feels more space in herself, but developed more and more fear for her brother. She passed by a state of deep sadness with a strong feeling of indifference. She tells me that she approaches a horrible anxiety that is linked with her brother. She is afraid that he will call her and that she cannot tolerate what he will say. As a child she was always dominated by him. He still occupies her space. She is already anxious if she thinks of him. She is afraid to stay alone with him in the same room. Even during her holidays she takes him with her in her mind. She feels as if he is looking over her shoulder to what she is doing, exactly as her mother did before she died. Strange enough she mentioned hardly her brother during the first consultation, but now it seems to be the main problem. This state is a typical Anacardium state. She is in a certain sense two persons, herself and her brother or to use the well known symptom of the materia medica it is as if she has two wills, her own and that of her brother. She took Anacardium 30K every week. Two months later she feels wonderful. Her brother is gone, he left her shoulder. ‘I feel that I have my own space now, she says. I don’t need anything from him anymore. I feel more connected inside. I feel more equal to other people and I am freer from what other people think and do. I am also more independent from my husband. This cure is miraculous’. This process of cure continues also with the 200K and the MK later. She is able to enjoy life much more, to stay in her own energy and to feel her emotions better also the disagreeable ones. She says: ‘I would never have believed that I could reach this state.