Inspiring Homeopathy


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Case 1: seven year old boy; came in February 1993 for hay fever with painful running eyes during spring, summer and autumn; with frequent epistaxis; intolerance for warm weather and painful eyes from sunlight, wearing a cap at the least sunshine; aggressive in warm weather; much sneezing; open mouth; uses an antihistaminic (Triludan) without much benefit; difficult character (only after chocolate or sugar): very aggressive; sudden anger, malicious, tries to hurt his mother by breaking her loved objects, standing before her with a malicious smile; very restless and wild, insolent and foolish behavior; otherwise timid and withdrawn, not aggressive at all, never fighting with or striking other children; has never sucked his fingers or put anything in his mouth; no breast feeding; fear of failure, fear of dark; hard for himself, doesn't weep when he has pain; desires sweets, chocolate, smoked meat, jam and beans
Medication: XMK
Reaction: first days very tense; afterwards much more open and not aggressive at all, even after chocolate; no desire for sweets or chocolate any more; less fear of failure, daring for the first time in his life to go out shopping on his own for his mother; less fear of dark; hay fever gone as snow in the sun: no sneezing, no problems with his eyes, no bleeding nose; less appetite; even his mouth is more closed.
Now 14 months later he is still fine, but needs XMK from time to time to correct his behavior.

Case 2: see introduction

Case 3: eight year old boy; easily disturbed; thin skin, literally and figuratively; screaming and shrieking with closed fists; restless, aggressive, striking and kicking; weeping easily; dramatic experience of pain; feels not accepted, not beloved by his parents; "the world is against me"; desires death; bad loser; discontented, hard to please, desiring all the time something else; weak, tired, nauseous, pain in abdomen; sweats at night; waking at 5(30) a.m.; bed wetting until seven and a half years; obstipation (diarrhea until one year); allergic to sugar: teasing, kicking, striking, insolent; better with sugar free diet; desires sweets; eats whole day; irritable when two hours without eating; allergy to the sun; family history of diabetes: mother's mother and all the sisters and brothers of the mother; warts on the toes of left foot
Medication: XMK (now I would prescribe a 30K first)
Reaction: strong aggravation during two weeks: "enfant terrible"; very sensitive, shouting; very irritable before breakfast; thinks he is despised, neglected; doesn't accept agreements; bored with everything; then a slow recovery: calm, much more approachable, also during pain and anger; less aggressive; more socialized; less weeping; no discontentment any more; no night sweat; no pain in abdomen; no irritability after two hours without eating; a little less desire for sweets; but still waking early in the morning, chaotic, untidy, agg. sugar; more warts on his toes (three and a half months later); now two years after the beginning of the treatment he still needs Saccharum from time to time and when he takes Saccharum off. LMK he still has an aggravation during three to for days. Then he is complaining that nobody likes him and nobody loves him. He is very discontented and hard to please, e.g. ten minutes after he got a brand new bike of his parents he said: 'I never get anything'.

Case 4: about 50 year old woman; many problems with her mother, reproaching her for the bad education that she says damaged her; very ill when taking chocolate and intolerance for sugar; her mother gave her sweets when there was a problem; took very much sugar in her childhood and was very fond of chocolate, especially from her first menses on; chronic constipation, using laxatives during her whole life; pain in mammae during ovulation and before menses
Medication: XMK
Reaction: from the first day on very constipated during more than two months and then for the first time in her life no longer constipated needing laxatives no more; no pain in mammae during ovulation and before menses any more; is no longer victim in her dreams; has more and more the feeling that she is someone; lump sensation in the throat that cannot be swallowed; feeling tears in her eyes, but cannot cry; restless legs (new symptom).

Case 5: 43 year old woman; since one year depressive; suffers from compulsive eating; feels mentally stronger if she eats; uses laxatives; many fears, especially of losing control and of being rejected; as a child intractable, passed her youth in different children's homes; easily angered; better on Carc. 200K every two weeks, but outbursts of forsaken feeling and again biting nails as in her youth; then MK once a month; a week later fever lasting for four weeks with earache (hadn't had any fever for many years); nauseous from the odor of food; after the second dose a month later outbursts of anger; no weakness, no desire for sweets, no laxatives any more; a lot of feelings of her childhood came back: feeling of isolation, of rejection, of mistrust; strong forsaken feeling; ten kilograms lost in two months.

Case 6: On the 18th of January 1994 I saw a very pale eleven year old thin girl for sleeping problems. She wakes frequently from nightmares, dreaming that she is persecuted by people, computers, anything and she cannot escape, she wakes with icy cold face and sweat on her nose. She then rises and slips in the bed of her parents. From her early childhood on she often sleeps in their bed and thinks it is unfair that they can sleep together and that she has to sleep alone. She sleeps with a four foot high bear. She abhors light in her bedroom, because she is afraid of the shadows. She has curtains around her bed that have to be closed carefully so that no light can pass. She has a very strong need for cuddling, from birth on. She is very sensitive to pain and faints from shots. She suffers a lot from anticipation concerning school tests and home work, she is easily panicked and is performing much less than she should. She is often nauseous in the morning on rising and also in a car. She frequently suffers from pain around her navel. She is irritable on waking. She drinks a lot, especially water, emptying a glass at once and has a compulsive craving for chocolate. She bites her nails, has always cold hands, but regularly sticks a hot foot out of bed. She has about fifty molusci on the inner side of her thighs, labia and around the anus since about two years.
Medication: MK every three weeks
19 May 1994: Her sleep is much better, she doesn't have nightmares any more, but she still has some difficulties to fall asleep in the evening. Now she stays in her own bed; no dreams of persecution. She removed the curtains around her bed. She is less irritable on waking in the morning. No compulsive eating of chocolate any more. Her school performances have considerably improved, she almost doesn't have anticipative anxiety, the panic is gone and she feels freed from a heavy burden. Her pain around her navel is gone, but she now has headache (three times a week), mostly on the left side and at the end of the day, with painful eyes and better by cold applications. All her molusci have gone except two. She stopped biting her nails. She straightened up her body, looking at the world with open eyes. She dares to let herself become angry (new symptom) whereas before she never had the courage to defend herself.
Medication: MK every three weeks
14 November 1994: She stands more solidly in the world; no nightmares; she is defending herself much better; but since half September the remedy seems to no effect and she became again pale, anxious and had pain in the abdomen.
Medication: LM 6 every day
She took it for two months and then stopped until now (May 1995) Since then she is fine, she is growing up without problems and she needs no medication.

Case 7: Girl, 8 years old; in the past many problems with swollen tonsils, otitis, glue ears and diminished hearing with some amelioration on Calc-p and Lyc, especially Lycopodium helped her a lot in changing her behavior; she got Lyc. MK in repeated doses; in August 93 she had dry spots around the mouth, itching nose, difficulties to fall asleep, fear of falling asleep; fear for new enterprises with much anticipation; difficulties to take leave of; desire to read; is very fastidious and wants to be at the appointed time; desires to arrange everything in advance; needs to be reassured; she is dictatorial with other children; but Lyc XMK has no effect and her behavior is worsening again; she is aggressive to her mother, she is accusing everybody and bargaining with her mother about everything ; she has difficulty to make contact with others, she thinks to be disliked and is very critical to other children; she is very restless, even in bed; she is naughty coming home from school; adores her teacher; she has regularly herpes labialis; is sensitive to pain; refuse to be cuddled, but asks much attention; she says to her mother: 'You don't love me any more.' She complains that she is accused of everything and that her brother is always in the right; complains that nobody loves her; she is angry when her mother leaves home and when she is reprimanded; she lies and denies every accusation. XMK 8/12/93, 3/1/94, 4/3/94, 26/4/94 Great change in her behavior: more social, less aggressive, no kicking any more; not isolating herself any more, easier physical contact, milder; less dictatorial and better contact with the children at school; no more feeling of not being loved; less restless; no herpes labialis; stopped saying that her mother doesn't love her any more; more confidence in herself. Then eruptions on the back of the feet broke out, slowly spreading over the whole body, red pimples; LM6 every day. Then slowly better with total disappearance of the eruptions in three weeks. Now (May 1995) she needs Saccharum off. XMK more and more rarely, about every three to four months. When she relapses she becomes quarrelsome, everything is wrong and she feels excluded.

Case 8: I saw this lady of age 29 for the first time in December 1989 with a premenstrual syndrome for more then 10 years. During an investigation in the hospital a lot of small fibromas, an enlarged uterus and swollen ovaries were discovered. She had cystitis regularly , especially before the menses. Before and partially during her menses she had a sore pain in her lower abdomen, a bearing down sensation, a swelling sensation in her whole abdomen with a lot of flatulence, a difficult stool and nausea in the morning on rising and before the meals; weariness and sleepiness during the whole day; difficult concentration; irritability. In general she was in a very changeable mood, laughing and weeping easily and being angry from minor causes. There was only one week a month she felt good: then she was quiet, yielding, sympathetic. She was very thirsty, drinking even two or three glasses of water one after another. She craved chocolate, oranges, grapefruit, lemons and hard, sour apples. She had an aversion for meat, fat and bananas. She had a lot of problems during her childhood with her mother and blackmailed her during her puberty by not eating. From her seventh year on she was in constant trouble with her mother and often she refused to talk to her during several days. She was the black sheep of the family and she felt different. In reality she tried all her life, even as an adult to get the love and attention she needed from her mother without success. Four years ago she went to a psychiatrist because her general practitioner suspected the problems with her mother to be the cause of her joint pains. She was the second child of four children and the oldest girl. She had to bear too heavy responsibilities very early on, taking care of her younger siblings. Her father was "always absent" and was disapproving her constantly. Her mother told her frequently about the problems she had with her father. She was afraid of dark, mice, small rooms and crowd. She was easily disgusted, washing her hands very frequently, up to 25 times a day. She loved reading, dancing, traveling far away, she could easily weep with music, loved nature, sea and animals and was very fastidious. There was a lot of cancer in her family on father's side and she had an enormous quantity of moles, which grew after her pregnancies. She was aggravated in a warm room and had always a window open, even in winter and couldn't bear the sun on her skin.
Prescription Carcinosin 200K (18/12/94)
Reaction: very tired one week later for six weeks with overwhelming sleepiness falling asleep whenever she sits down; better concentration, no longer an absent feeling, no fits of anger, no sadness; PMS gradually decreasing. Then worse in the beginning of March: she was chilly, eating bread the whole day but losing weight, cramping pains in abdomen, much flatus; very tired; dry skin, dry hair and very thirsty.
Comment: her new symptoms clearly indicated Saccharum, but I was still completely ignorant about this remedy at that moment, but as J.T. Kent said: don't change your remedy unless there is no longer a good reaction.
Prescription Carcinosin MK (27/3/90)
Comment: error, no good reason to give a higher potency; even risky, can provoke a tumor
Reaction: first she felt completely at sea, was very restless and had a big flu, but then slowly better and better; no PMS; dreams of journeys far away; no remedy
Then she got pregnant in the end of September. She was nauseous with a alternating constipation and diarrhea from the third month on or hard, knotty stool followed by diarrhoea; cramps in her abdomen before stool; a constant flu; very somnolent and a tremendous appetite
Prescription Opium MK (30/1/91)
Reaction: much better until the beginning of March, then repetition of Opium MK the more and more frequently until delivery (June 18)
Comment: probably here she needed Saccharum in stead of Opium; Opium resembles Saccharum a lot.
I saw her back only in April 1992; since her delivery she had constantly problems with her bowels: pain, flatus, constipation alternating with diarrhea; nausea for half a day after stool, pain in the region of umbilicus and overwhelming sleepiness after each meal; chronic flu, very chilly; unconscious loss of urine
Prescription Opium XMK (1/4/92)
Reaction: better stool, every day, but still a lot of problems before stool: nausea, cramps, backache and chilliness; very insatiable just as if having a hole in her stomach, has to eat otherwise fainting; bad concentration and forgetful.
Prescription Nux vomica XMK (12/5/92)
Reaction: some amelioration but not consistently and repetition had no durable effect; then again Carcinosin MK, but then acute arthritis, that disappeared quickly with Cuprum metallicum 30K (27/7/92)
Probably discouraged by the homeopathic treatment I saw her again one year later. (27/10/93) She had three times salpingitis with very high fever during the ovulation (May, August and October) treated with antibiotics. 'During ovulation' is a strong Saccharum-symptom! She had again her PMS and still a lot of bowel pain. She was in a very bad humor and very tired in the morning. She had again problems with her articulations and had a very dry skin. She was very thirsty and hungry all day with a enormous desire for sweets; her appetite was out of control. She preferred bread in stead of cooked vegetables, but she adored raw vegetables. She was very sensitive to pain.
Prescription Saccharum officinale MK every three weeks (27/10/93)
Comment: At that time I had already cleared up a major part of the picture of Saccharum and I was sure she needed this remedy. No other remedy could cure her on that profound level, a remedy that was (clearly) indicated for almost two years and I was unable to give it to her until now.
Reaction: On December 31 I saw her back in a bad shape, she felt very ill with a bloody purulent discharge from her right ear. Her inexhaustible hunger had disappeared, but her articulation complaints were worse and on the fifth December she couldn't walk, because of a kind of paralysis in her right leg as she had as a child. She felt very irritable on Saccharum and her bowel complaints didn't change.
Comment: How to understand this reaction? Wasn't it the right remedy or was it a too high potency, how to interpret the ear infection? I wasn't so sure, but I gave Saccharum 30K in water during two days without success and then gave again Opium 200K, but also without success, then Hepar 200K also without success; then I sent her to a othorinolaryngologist who gave her antibiotics three cures, but to no avail.
Her ear continued to discharge a bad smelling pus for three months and in the beginning of May she came back. She was very tired, but so restless that she could hardly sit for a moment; her PMS was bad and she had again an insatiable appetite eating everything she could find. Her moles were growing again rapidly. I was convinced then that Saccharum was the right remedy and that she had so a bad reaction because of the too high potency.
Prescription Saccharum officinale LM6, one granule once a day (4/5/94)
Reaction: (I registered this on videotape so let her tell her own story)
"I took the remedy as I felt it, not every day and things started to change without I was aware of it. A morning my children said to me: "Mam, you are not angry any more in the morning." I started my day without any problem and everything was easy, I had a lot of energy, I don't go to bed with the children any more. My irresistible craving for food is gone and my memory is tremendously ameliorated, I remember now things without any effort, things I learned at school, as if I have again access to it, unbelievable!
And then my fear of mice is completely gone! We were on vacation on a location full of mice, that were appearing from time to time in our shelter and I went to sleep without any fear, my husband was astonished. The pain in my ear that was left after the chronic infection is now completely gone and my PMS is much better. My chilliness is also completely gone, I dress myself differently. I always was dressed in a jacket even in summer when other people were wearing T-shirts. I also completely changed my style of clothing. I never bought clothes for myself, only for my husband and my children, but now I pay attention to how I am looking and that is wonderful. Oh, I am getting my curly hair back as when I was a child.
    Q.: What about your weariness?
    A.: Oh, I have a terrible energy now. I came by bicycle (15 km = 9.4 miles) and normally I would be exhausted, but now I am just doing it without any problem. I picked up a lot of things I had intended to do for a long time, things I looked up to, not knowing how to organize them, as if I was paralyzed, and now I am just doing it. I have again a job outside home (teaching children) and I am following several courses.
    Q.: What about the other fears, like fear of death and fear of pain?
    A.: Oh, those fears have gone completely also. As I am now, this is really me. What is coming, is coming, and I am not worrying about it any more.
    Q.: Can you tell me the story about your mother?
    A.: My mother always was a big problem for me. I tried to avoid her as much as possible, that was the easiest way to do. But then I felt guilty, but that is over now. For instance, if I need her for babysitting I just call her, whereas before I needed at least two days to grasp enough courage to ask her. And now she doesn't refuse any more as she did often before. It is amazing to see how our relationship has changed as by enchantment. She offers spontaneously to help me. I look differently at her and my feeling to her is different. Now I see how old she is, it's a very strange feeling that suddenly she has become a grandmother, I don't need her any more, I have become mother myself, yes, that's what happened and she made a big step aside. I still love her, but I have grown up myself. Now that I am a mother myself my children are reacting quite differently. My daughter is much more open to me and I don't have to make efforts to have a good contact with her.
I am standing up for myself and I am able now to delegate things, as e.g. the care of my children when I am working. I thought I had naughty children and that nobody would like to take care of them. The fits of anger I had regularly since my puberty have completely gone now, it doesn't fit me any more. I have the feeling of more space in my head and can see everything in normal proportions, but when that space is disappearing then I explode and that is horrible.
    Q.: Do you still have physical complaints?
    A.: Yes, I still have pain in my left lower abdomen around the menses and I am still constipated before my menses, but on the emotional level I am feeling much better before my menses and I don't have swollen feet any more.
    Q.: What about the physical contact with your husband and children?
    A.: Oh yes, definitely I have more space for others. I always had a difficult contact with my daughter and now our relation is much easier. In the relation with my husband there is a complete change, because when I didn't feel well I wanted him to touch me like a child. Now I can give my love to him, instead of only asking for it, as I did with my mother. I feel free now and every day I am still astonished about myself. I subscribed to a course for masonry to make alterations in our house, because my husband doesn't have time. I even didn't discuss this with him, I just did it, simply as if I was always used to.
    Q.: How is your husband reacting to all this?
    A.: Oh, he is really enthusiastic and amazed also. What I realized in such a short time is inconceivable, only because I have the space and energy for it now. I feel that I can still go further. I feel that I am still growing, I mean mentally and emotionally, that I will realize things that were impossible before. I have a different feeling of my body, a different contact. I feel much prettier and my hair is curling, I respect myself, my body and personality, and I stand up for myself.
Comment: She still takes LM6 every three to four days and she is feeling great (May 95)

Case 9: Your son, six year old now, is under my treatment since April 1991. He had some physical problems at that time as diarrhea from solid food, especially from eggs, tomatoes, fruit and sugar, with pain in his belly and legs, frequently purulent eyes from birth on, but he had also severe behavioral problems: hyperactive, rebellious, horrible fits of anger, striking, kicking, stamping feet, breaking things in front of his mother, biting his brother and yourself maliciously, biting also objects to destroy them; he was afraid of everybody taller than he and struck first; he talked continuously; wanted to be cuddled constantly by you and was intolerant to punishments. He perspired on the head and feet, especially at night. I gave him Belladonna XMK without success. He constantly asked for sweets and was always hungry, longing for warm milk. He was afraid of monsters at night, felt weak from 2-3 p.m. on; very dictatorial; fell all the time; asked constantly if you loved him and if he had done well; he had a lot of flatulence from cabbage, but Lycopodium MK helped him only for two weeks as did China 200K. In October 1993 you told me that his aggression was especially directed to you and that you were the loveliest but also the most horrible mother in his eyes. He wanted your love but he couldn't handle it. Then I gave him Saccharum off. MK every three weeks. After the first dose his behavior became unbearable for three weeks, but after the second dose everything changed very quickly. His aggression disappeared completely, he became cheerful and reasonable, able to count with others; he was less tired; dared to compete with other children in running, etc., less fear of failure; he laughed as never before and got a nice, soft look instead the maliciousness; even his gait became better and didn't fall any more; he helped you with cleaning, etc. and was even able to say no to sweets.
    Q.: So far his past history. Can you tell me how he is doing now (31/8/94)?
    A.: What I can add is that he recovered completely from his motor time-lag and that even his feet are strengthening. In stead of screaming and kicking against his bed on waking, saying he will not rise, he is now in a good temper asking what he can do for me and now he says 'sorry mam' in stead of kicking me if I reprimand him . Before the Saccharum he only wanted to eat warm food and now he eats bread, cheese, meat, etc. and he asks for fruit in stead of sweets. Even his love for music changed, before he wanted 'house' music, now he listens to classical music and it makes him joyful. He is able to receive affection from me and can sit peacefully on my lap, that was inconceivable before.
    Q.: He still gets the XMK every three weeks?
    A.: Oh no, since May he doesn't get anything any more.
In February 1995 I changed to an XMK because of a relapse with much abdominal pain and diarrhea and his cure is progressing again; he has an aggravation after every XMK for four days; his concentration is better, and his motricity continues to improve, also his handwriting is much better; his hair and nails are growing faster and are healthier; he is no longer pale.

Case 10: Mrs. A. is a almost 60 years old lady, suffering all her life from obesity. She has an irresistible desire to eat chocolate, biscuits and cakes, especially in the evening. She cannot imagine enjoying life without smoking and eating sweets. She never has a satisfied feeling after eating and cannot stop filling her stomach. She hates her body because of her overweight and doesn't feel comfortable in company. She sucked her fingers until 14 years. After XMK every four weeks from July 1993 on she doesn't have fits of boulimia any more, she is able to control herself and loses weight, but she still has an unsatisfied feeling and can always eat. On the psychological level she feels much better. After 30K once a week for three months she is able to eat only three times a day at the meals and doesn't feel the need to stuff herself. She slowly loses weight and doesn't hate her body any more. Before she didn't know who she liked and who she disliked, she didn't have feelings of sympathy or antipathy. Now she knows within five minutes who she likes and who not. Until May 1995 she lost ten kilos in weight and she can eat normally without exaggeration. She describes her mental and emotional state as radiant. Last dose of Saccharum off. 200K November 1994.

Case 11: Mrs A.W. is a 40 year old married woman with two children of 14 and 16 years and she loves her job and enjoys life. She was very disappointed when during a routine control a year before her first visit to me in September 1993 her smear proved to be PAP II, because she felt completely healthy and she functioned without any problem. She is swollen around her eyes and her eyes are somewhat protruded, her sclerae are very blue. She is always hungry; she has to eat frequently every one or two hours otherwise she starts to tremble and feels weak; when she is in a meeting for more than two hours she has to eat. No overweight. She has an aversion for sweets, she feels nauseous even after a little bit of chocolate, especially when she is hungry. She sucked her fingers until she got a brace at seven years. In the morning after rising she is irritable until she has taken her breakfast. As a child she could be very angry and aggressive. Even now she has difficulties to control herself and has fits of sudden anger. Her father was calm, introvert and not affectionate. Her mother was dictatorial, restless and overly affectionate. She liked to be popular and knew exactly how to get the attention of the other children. Nowadays she still enjoys to be in the limelight and to have all the attention directed on her. She was very homesick and even now she can hardly take leave of persons or objects; she cried when she changed her old car for a new one.
Prescription: (16/9/93): XMK every four weeks
8/11/93 Great change in her appetite; she feels sooner satisfied, 8 slices of bread in stead of 12; she eats less between the meals and can even wait without feeling weak and without trembling.
Same medication until 25/1/94. She passed some difficult weeks in December feeling hungry again, then XMK every 6 weeks
1/6/94 She feels great, no hunger between the meals any more and her smear is again PAP I. She continues the XMK until December every six weeks and then changes to a LMK every six weeks, because of more frequent relapses in her general condition. 8/5/95 feels great; less hungry, no signs of hypoglycemia any more and no constant hungry feeling; no aggravation when she eats sweets; her dreams changed: she now finds the right way in her dreams, whereas in the past she always lost her way. Saccharum off. LMK every six weeks

Case 12: Joanne is a baby of three weeks and falls constantly asleep when she is fed at the breast and loses weight as did her older sister who was then hospitalized for too serious loss of weight. In the evening and during the night she has cramps in her bowels and weeps a lot. She has a dry skin and a rather low temperature. There is much diabetes on the mother's side and Joanne's four brothers and sisters have already got for behavior problems and allergy for sugar with important ameliorations. So I give her MK (17/12/93) She begins to drink correctly from that moment on and gains weight normally. Her cramps disappear completely and her skin is less dry. was repeated three times until May 1994 and she is a now healthy baby growing up without problems.

Case 13: boy, six year old; extremely anxious when alone; his mother has to stay at his side in the evening when he is in bed; frequent anxious waking, insisting upon sleeping in the parents' bed and wants to be held; apart from that he isn't cuddly, and rather reserved; very restless at school, unable to sit quietly; perspires profusely every night on the whole body; prefers to stay at home rather then playing elsewhere; very sensitive to pain, screaming loudly; touches everything; got five months of breast feeding, never sucked his fingers; aversion for warm meals; desires bread with thick butter, cold milk and chocolate; drinks a lot; Saccharum off. XMK every four weeks. Anxiety much less, dares to go shopping for his mother; restlessness almost completely gone.