Inspiring Homeopathy


DS = confirmed by provings of Dynamis School
JS = Jan Scholten

The down to earth picture

Essence: lack of connection with himself, the Self; feeling of disconnectedness; desire for oneness

  1. Unconsciously has projected his own center out of himself adopting as center his wife, her husband, his or her partner, his job, earning money, having a lot of possessions, high rank, a lot of friends or enemies to combat, etc.; meddlesome; delusion as if betrayed, deceived; forsaken feeling, sensation of isolation; delusions is despised, disgraced
  2. When forced to be someone else than she or he is in reality at a deeper level
  3. Lack of focus; dispersion; too many activities or too many thoughts
  4. Lack of acceptance of the Self, not feeling accepted by others and the world
  5. Lack of liveliness, no real desire to live intensely; doesn’t feel concerned
  6. Ineffectiveness, not really going for something; feels resistance to doing his every day duties like cleaning, dressing, washing, etc.
  7. Feeling of loneliness (DS); desire to be alone (DS)
  8. Feeling distant and separated from things, unreal feeling (DS)
  9. Indifference, apathy (DS)
  10. Irresolution; doesn’t know which way to choose in life, what is important enough to put his energy into; fears to make wrong choices; looks at others to make his own choices
  11. Silent, morose and introverted (DS); sadness, depression, despair, hopelessness (DS)
  12. Helplessness when the outer focus disappears; when the husband or wife dies, when the partner suddenly chooses to love another and leaves; vulnerability (DS); hopeless
  13. Feeling that the world is hostile; the whole world is against me; the world holds no attraction
  14. Thoughts of death (DS)
  15. Reproaching himself internally (?); anger (DS) as if he gets no breaks; anger with the world (?)
  16. Confusion, confuses right and left; confusion about sexuality; difficult concentration; forgetful; absent minded; difficult word finding; tendency to lose things; mistakes in writing and spelling (DS)

    Has still to be confirmed
  17. Slowness in motion (DS)
  18. Sighing (DS)

The exalted picture
Essence: lack of connection with himself, the Self, but very strong feeling of connection with the Cosmos, God …

  1. Expanded consciousness; altered state of consciousness; in another dimension (DS)
  2. Delusion he is in communication with God
  3. Delusion he is a superhuman
  4. Believes he has a mission from the unknown to transmit
  5. Makes many plans
  6. Not able to stop his excited thoughts; his thoughts are quicker than he can write or understand
  7. Sleepless from excitement
  8. Feeling of being out of reality, spaced out, out of body, as if in a dream (DS)
  9. Feeling as if body and soul are separated (JS, DS)
  10. Distortion of reality (DS)
  11. Changed time conception (DS)
  12. Paranoid; mistrust; suspicion; feels betrayed (DS)
  13. Tendency to theorize and philosophize especially concerning esoteric matters (DS)
  14. Sees all kind of relationships between objects that he normally doesn’t see