Inspiring Homeopathy


  1. Essence: Lack of unification: feeling of separation of body and mind, struggle between good and evil, as if in two alternating emotional states
  2. Causation: severe emotional trauma from physical or emotional violence, someone else taking possession of him, leading to a separation between body and mind, followed by lack of integration; strong domination; strong tendency to pick up the energy or entity of persons willing evil; as if possessed; ailments from fright, mortification
  3. PROFOUND MELANCHOLY and HYPOCHONDRIASIS; delusion that he is not allowed to enjoy life from some outer force, to be what he is meant to be, to do what he should do, etc
  4. When there is no direction in life; when everything seems to go wrong; when there is no progression because of contradictory movements; when the whole life seems to be a big struggle without any outcome, like a car that is stuck in the mud and people are pushing from the four sides of the car; Anacardium can put everybody behind the car
  5. NEURASTHENIC; physical and mental LACK OF POWER
  6. Thinks he is TWO PERSONS or has TWO WILLS; often expresses his state as: my situation is so double; it’s like I am two different persons; patients who live as if their father, mother, brother, teacher, director, etc. is still looking over their shoulder and is judging all they do and decides what is best for them to do; they are still dependent on persons who manipulated or dominated them in the past.
  7. Feeling that he is UNDER THE CONTROL OF SOMEBODY ELSE, who is stronger than he, whom cannot be resisted; that he is under the control of a super-human
  8. CONTRADICTION OF WILL, says things opposed to his intention; in continuous conflict with himself; confusion, sense of duality; weakness of will; loss of will after apoplexy; delusion that mind and body are separated, that he is double, that he is separated from the world; symptoms on one side, one good side, one bad side
  9. Unclear feeling as to what is part of himself and what is part of someone else
  10. PARADOXICAL TEMPER: laughs at serious matters; serious over laughable things
  11. IRRESOLUTION, especially in an action of good or evil; he cannot settle between doing this or that, he hesitates and often does nothing
  12. NO REALITY in anything: all appears as if in a dream
  13. WANT OF CONFIDENCE in himself and in others; feels worthless
  14. AMEL.: eating (gastric symptoms, headache, etc., even cheerful during eating, symptoms recur two hours after eating, when stomach is empty); warmth
  15. AGG.: beginning motion, morning, evening to midnight; application of hot water
  16. ANXIOUS WHEN WALKING, as if someone were pursuing him; hears voices behind her; suspicious of everything
  17. UNFEELING; hatred; cruelty; maliciousness, wicked disposition; mischievous; suspicious; want of moral sentiment; unsocial
  18. EASILY OFFENDED, takes everything in bad part
  19. Irresistible desire to CURSE and SWEAR
  20. FEAR OF EXAMINATIONS in students; stage-fright; nervous exhaustion from over-study; loss of confidence
  21. LOSS OF MEMORY, for proper names, for everything that he has seen, for words; deafness with loss of memory
  22. Discontented
  23. Pressing or penetrating pain as from a PLUG in various parts: eyes, rectum, bladder, etc.
  24. Sensation of BAND or HOOP around the part
  25. CHILLINESS and great sensitivity to cold and currents of air
  26. Inactive bowels; ineffectual urging and straining; rectum seems powerless, as if plugged up; even soft stool passes with difficulty; urging for stool, great desire passes away with effort
  27. Skin symptoms with excessive itching, like Rhus-t
  28. Intermittence; sleeplessness every other day; spells of sleeplessness lasting for several nights
  29. Clairvoyance; persons who are clairaudiant, hear voices from far away or of dead persons; suffers from hallucinations