Inspiring Homeopathy


Cases: 1

Case 1: Follow up case 1 Vernix caseosa. Before passing to the Rhus tox state, she continued on Saccharum officinale in LM-potencies and CCC, MK and XMK. Then she developed a strong feeling of guilt, a feeling that she had to pray and do penance for her sins, that she had been very bad. In the evening while in bed she sees spontaneous images of herself as a Jew being transported in a train and finally gassed. Then she becomes afraid and the images disappear. This information makes many things clear for her. As a child she was already tremendously anxious when nothing had happened at that time to cause such anxiety. She is easily panicked in a crowd. Whenever she took a train she always had the feeling that she had been bad and had to be punished. As a child she always had the feeling that she had to save her mother, but that she was incapable of doing that. She has also an inborn fear of needles with a tendency to faint. During the images she experiences a strong disgusting smell. She has also seen that she was pointed at to be gassed and that she was gassed under a shower. I considered Acidum Hydrocianicum, the gas that was used by the Germans to gas the Jews, but I prescribe Rhus toxicodendron LM6, once a day. Six weeks later she is emotionally disturbed and cannot function normally. She feels incapable of living: “I don’t feel any connection with this life. I feel insecure around people and I am losing myself. With the Rhus tox. I have more and more feelings about that earlier life. My mother was a Russian Jew; she was so beautiful and quite dictatorial. I was her only child, but I could not save her.” I continued Rhus tox LM6, once every 3 days, but she doesn’t recover. She has fits of anger towards her own children and herself and feels guilty after. She also has a strong tendency to punish herself, because then she feels that she is living. She has the feeling that Rhus tox brings her from pain and sorrow to anger. Two and a half months after the start of Rhus tox LM6 she is still in a very difficult situation. She feels exasperated, has the impression that life only becomes more difficult and she has a tremendous anxiety about living. She also has the delusion that she is not allowed to undertake anything and that she will be punished for whatever she does. She feels as if there is a monster in her head and that he will punish her if she gets angry. This monster oppresses her and prevents her from living. She is not capable of fighting this monster; it is always there. “It is my mother from that earlier life,” she confesses finally. “I have to fight, but I am scared and so tired. If I fight she is manifesting herself and pushes me under; I have to stay apathetic and cannot breathe deeply. She always wins.” Then I decide to give her Anacardium orientale 30K, once a week. The situation is too threatening and she cannot handle this situation. This also seems to be a perfect Anacardium state to me. Subsequently, she feels much better. Her anxiety disappears, as does the monster. She is still very tired, has pain in her muscles and still has a strong feeling of not wanting to live here on earth. After one month I prescribe Anancardium orientale 200K, once every 2 weeks. Again she is better. She becomes active and is able to undertake things. Over the course of one day after receiving Anacardium orientale (third day) she is extremely angry. Her fatigue is less and her will power is increasing. She can breath deeply as well. The monster is still there from time to time, especially if she enjoys life: “I have not the right to enjoy,” she says. Sometimes she has a tendency to hurt others, as if this makes her own pain less. She has a tendency to attract people who trample on her feelings. She relapses still from time to time, but she progresses steadily on the MK and the XMK. Her desire to participate in life increases and she feels like a farmer, she says: “I am able now to connect with people as they are here on earth. I have always experienced life as a punishment, but I want to say yes to life now.” Finally an LMK is given. She takes it for almost one and a half years, every three weeks. All her problems are not resolved, but she is participating fully in life. She still has some apprehension about being with other people, but it is not hindering her from going out anymore. The monster has completely disappeared. Her treatment is continued then with Rhus tox, which she is now able to handle and which helps her a lot to overcome her anger.