Inspiring Homeopathy


PRODUCT: Lac Maternum is made from the milk of nine women, milk from three days (colostrum) to 10 months after parturition. The different potencies were lege artis made by Dolisos Holland in the spring of 1994.
Often following Saccharum officinale, often followed or preceded by Rhus toxicodendron

  1. ESSENCE: lack of incarnation
  2. CAUSATIONS: anxiety to incarnate in the physical world
  3. SENSATION OF FLOATING, OUT-OF-BODY SENSATION; out-of-body experiences; out of reality; living in the past; weak and strange feeling as if not belonging to one's body; as if looking down on to one's body; as if everything is far away, different; as if one hears oneself speaking, as if someone else is talking; feeling that mind and body are separated; not feeling one's body any more; as if watching life, not participating; as if invisible to other people
  4. VERTIGO; dizzy feeling; feeling as if having no legs, soft legs; empty feeling in the head; feeling of absence; feeling of cotton-wool in the head, foggy sensation in the head; stuffed-up feeling in the head, as if head too large
  6. DAY-DREAMING; clouded thinking; absent-mindedness; difficulty in concentration; mistakes in speech, saying wrong words; difficult word-finding
  7. AWKWARDNESS; bumping into things; hurting oneself; knocking things over; falling; unobservant
  8. INEFFECTIVE; tendency to procrastinate; having to force oneself to realize one's dreams or to effectuate one's daily occupations; lack of responsibility
  9. EXHAUSTION; weakness, lack of courage
  10. SADNESS; LACK OF JOY IN LIFE; sudden changes in mood; laughing alternating with weeping, joyfulness alternating with weeping, irritability and quarrelsomeness; fits of weeping
  11. ANXIETY ABOUT LIFE, not being able to face life alone or fear of having to face life alone; SYMBIOTIC RELATIONSHIP with parents, partner, children; humour easily influenced by the emotional state of others; very dependent on others
  12. LACK OF AWARENESS OF ONE'S OWN IDENTITY; questioning the meaning of life; chaotic inner feeling
  13. LACK OF AWARENESS OF ONE'S SURROUNDINGS, as if perception is only general and not in detail; as if things do not penetrate; everything looks strange
  14. DESIRE TO READ, reading giving the possibility of escaping from reality and living in an imaginary world; completely absorbed during reading, not answering when spoken to; pursuing studies to be in another world, fear of completing studies and having to perform; reading impossible owing to lack of concentration
  15. UNAWARE OF ONE'S OWN BOUNDARIES, feels unprotected, porous; everything enters directly too strongly, sound, smell (nausea), energy and feelings of other people; won't stand up for oneself; lack of self respect; lack of care for oneself, caring for others, worried by the problems of others; abused by other people, always caring for others; desire to be taken care of (this symptom is already part of the next layer Vernix caseosa, but is so connected with the lack of incarnation also that often this symptom ameliorates already during the treatment with Lac-m)
  16. ANGER; irritability at trifles; throwing things away
  17. DESIRE TO GO OUT, not feeling well at home (the house being the symbol of the body); not being really aware of one's territory, letting others invade one's space/energy; absence of real feeling of being the master at home, with the garden not being fenced-in; unlike Carcinosinum this is not because lack of self-confidence makes one unable to resist others, but because of unawareness of one's own space, own identity, so one unconsciously shares his 'home' with others and is unable to be fully oneself; desire to have one's own place at home, desire to be alone, to have time for oneself; also fear to go outside, because of the feeling to be unprotected; needing the house as an extra protection
  18. UNFEELING; INDIFFERENCE; doesn't care about oneself and the household
  19. UNTIDINESS; unable to tidy up at home
  20. HEARS VOICES; sees ghosts, telling one a lot of things; sees movements out of the corner of the eye; sees aura of people and trees; fear of ghosts
  21. ANTICIPATION; diarrhoea from anticipation
  22. WANT OF SELF-ESTEEM; neglect of oneself; feeling of not fulfilling the expectations of life, of others, her husband/his wife; feeling of not being considered, of no longer being physically attractive; trying to fulfil the expectations of others; never angry, avoiding conflicts
  23. INTERCOURSE: weak libido; wants to be hold, to be caressed, but aversion to sex
  24. DESIRES: sweets
  25. SKIN: eczema; eczema with thick, brown-yellow crusts with dreadful itching all over the body; itching skin; circumscribed eczema with red border, molluscae; psoriasis
  26. FALLING-OUT OF HAIR; dry hair; grey hair
  27. HEADACHE; migraine with vomiting
  28. CHILLINESS; icy coldness until the bones, sometimes alternating with heat; COLDNESS of feet, hands, nose
  29. FLUSHES during/after menopause; flushes from exertion, mental or physical
  30. UNREFRESHED SLEEP; restless sleep; shouting during sleep; frequent waking owing to worries; difficulty in falling asleep


D.D. Stram,

  1. CHILDISH BEHAVIOR; wants to be a baby and be held constantly by the mother; very dependent on the mother, wants the mother to do everything for him: dressing, feeding him, taking him out of bed in the morning etc.
  2. Forsaken feeling, weeping all the time when not with the mother; abhors going to school, wants to stay with the mother (like
  3. Desire to be cuddled; desire to be enveloped by soft and tight tissues, remembering the uterine state
  4. Unable to differentiate between reality and fantasy; fantasising, living in both worlds at the same time; no idea of time
  5. SLOWNESS, always behind
  6. Need for challenges, does dangerous things, stealing, smoking hashish, does things surreptitiously to feel he is alive
  7. Putting things off, not much wanting to undertake things; lack of ambition; not attached to material things, can easily share things; dreamy, slow to react; begins a lot of things, but finishes nothing
  8. Lack of independence, incapacity to save oneself